The Art of Service

A research project looking into how service design can learn from the performing arts.

In their complexity, services are often described, illustrated and communicated insufficiently by conventional methods. This project was part of the research phase for a publication about service culture, service organisation and service performance. The aim of this project was to gain an insight into the relation between the performing arts and service.

In groups, research was carried out on notation and organisation structures and forms within the performing arts of theatre, dance, film and music.

In conjunction with the research phase, common ways of
transposing the results into the service sector were looked for.

animation showing the chair in a train station




Team project with Katherina Seeger, Lars Baumann & Sebastian Leifeld (the Theatre group)
Köln International School of Design, December 2006 – February 2007, tutor: Professor Birgit Mager, photography: Joanne Tauber