A blood glucose monitoring system for diabetics.

Project shortlisted for the RSA Design Directions 2008 'Including You' Award.

C-Lite is a watch with an integrated continuous blood glucose monitoring and signal system. It tests blood glucose levels painlessly and discreetly. It uses non-invasive technology and so does not pierce your skin to test. C-Lite is therefore painless and easy to use; colours on the side of the watch indicate blood glucose levels changing.

Glucose monitoring results can be transferred to a computer or mobile phone, making it easier to see patterns of change. The watch can also be customized with specially designed straps.

The C-Lite monitoring system makes blood glucose levels visible, helping people manage their diabetes.

The C-lite watch




Glasgow School of Art, October - December 2007, tutor: Mil Stricevic
photography: Joanne Tauber      models: Angelo Becker, Hamish Wright, Sally Wright, Ruth Tauber